16.1 Resume

Bryan Rose

Resumes are like snowflakes, they are all the same general idea, but each one is different depending on a variety of factors. Some students have participated in clubs & organizations while others have worked part-time or full-time jobs. What they all have in common that they should be well formatted, easy to read, and contain a few key sections.

Before watching the video below, pull up the Business Foundations Resume Template in Handshake. This is the general format that we suggest all of our business students to use. From advertising jobs in NYC to accounting jobs for one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, this format provides students with results. Resumes aren’t a space for creativity, they provide easy to ready information that is concise, thoughtful, and as relevant as possible.

This video provides insights on how to build your resume from the ground up. It discusses how to decide what goes on your resume and how to describe your experiences in a way that provides value to the reader. You’ll learn the overall do’s & don’ts with formatting and also get an introduction to the automated resume critiquing software, VMock.


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