16.2 Email Etiquette

Bryan Rose

Email has been and will continue to be a cornerstone of business communication. Understanding the etiquette strategies for email will not only help you communicate more effectively, it will also help you build better relationships with those you’re communicating with.

In this video, you’ll learn about rich & lean forms and rich & lean mediums of communication. Not everything you want to communicate is meant for email. Many times you first need to speak to someone over the phone, video, or in person in order to discuss something that is too dense or complicated for email. Then, you would likely send an email as a follow up to make sure you both remember what you discussed and are on the same page going forward.

The video discusses how important the specific audience is to the interpretation of your message and how you can be sure that your content, tone, and intent all align. Be sure to listen to and implement the strategies that are discussed, because if you do, you will immediately see improvement with how your communication is interpreted & received.


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