Marketing: Providing Value to Customers

Learning Objectives

  1. Define the terms marketing, marketing concept, and marketing strategy.
  2. Outline the tasks involved in selecting a target market.
  3. Identify the four Ps of the marketing mix.
  4. Explain how to conduct marketing research.
  5. Discuss various branding strategies and explain the benefits of packaging and labeling.
  6. Identify pricing strategies that are appropriate for new and existing products.
  7. Explore various product-distribution strategies.
  8. Explain how companies create value through effective supply chain management.
  9. Describe the elements of the promotion mix.
  10. Explain how companies manage customer relationships.
  11. Describe social media marketing and identify its advantages and disadvantages.
  12. Explain how a product moves through its life cycle and how this brings about shifts in marketing-mix strategies.
  13. Describe the external marketing environment in which businesses operate.
  14. Discuss the factors that influence consumer behavior.
  15. Describe opportunities in the field of marketing.


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